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Oscar’s Insurance Agency LLC is a local auto insurance agency that provides the very needed service of insuring your car. If you have a car, you need a car’s insurance and we work for you to have the best one in the most practical and reliable way. 

We offer you different plans with the priority that acquiring it can be a fast and affordable procedure for you, always thinking about working hard for the well-being of the community, our clients and their families.

There are many times when you may need auto insurance. You can take the necessary precautions and always be prepared to solve what happens to your car in accidents, thefts, break-ins and even avoid any arrest for driving a car without auto insurance. To protect yourself from these kinds of situations, we offer you a policy that helps you to protect your car and your finances. 

Do you want the services of a car insurance agency that fits your car, your needs and your budget? We are close to you and we can offer you excellent insurance.

We have extensive experience as an independent insurance agency, with solid knowledge to provide you a competent service, with an affordable and uncomplicated policy, always thinking about your well-being. In addition, we have a trained staff to help you solve any incident fast and courteously, while trying to repair the damage to your car and get back on the road soon. When you need it, you can call someone from our staff and they will immediately assist you to make the process simple and attend any uncomfortable situation that you must resolve.

You can be calm with a service with full Texas coverage, accessible to all our customers, because we offer the best protection for your car, the best customer service and the best prices in the Houston area. All of this makes Oscar’s Insurance Agency LLC one of the most reliable car insurers in the area.


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